Namecheap EasyWP Review – Is that the best affordable Managed WordPress Hosting?

Namecheap EasyWP

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Namecheap pricing has always been cheaper, and so the case with their managed WordPress hosting. EasyWP’s starter plans are inferior. It is better to choose a turbo or supersonic plan. The Turbo plan’s performance is excellent, and if you buy a hosting plan, there will be a discount of about 50% on the annual payment.


Namecheap is a great website where you get domain names, web hosting, and private email services at low prices.

You probably know, Namecheap provides managed WordPress hosting under the name of EasyWP.

In this article, I am going to review Namecheap EasyWP. If you want to take Managed WordPress from Namecheap or another provider, you must read this article once.

EasyWP Features

Namecheap’s EasyWP is fully managed by Namecheap, which gives you better performance on your website’s speed.

CDN and SSL certificates are available with EasyWP, which you do not need to purchase separately. EasyWP is unique in that it is inexpensive, and so you can scale up when you need to.

EasyWP also gives you features like free migration and daily backup. Features of EasyWP are also based on their plans, and EasyWP gives you a choice of three hosting plans, which we will talk about in the pricing section.

Some of the compelling features of EasyWP, which as follows:

  • Easy to use dashboard (Control Panel).
  • Easy to login by one click on the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Take one-click backup from the EasyWP dashboard.
  • Access Databases or Files easily.

EasyWP Pricing

Namecheap EasyWP has three hosting plans only for hosting a WordPress website. The pricing and features of the three are different.

EasyWP plans are quite economical if we compare EasyWP’s hosting plans to another provider’s managed WordPress hosting. That is a good thing, and even the new bloggers will be able to buy EasyWP plans.

EasyWP WordPress Hosting Plans

The pricing of EasyWP’s hosting plans starts at $ 3.88 per month. If you pay yearly, then you will also get a specific discount.

EasyWP Starter Plan

That is the cheapest plan [$3.88 per month] of Namecheap Managed WordPress, in which you get 10GB of SSD storage and 50k visitors per month. With this hosting plan, you will get a daily backup facility and free migration option.


  • Modern Storage [SSD Storage]
  • Easy Backups
  • Server-Side Cache [EasyWP Cache Plugin]
  • SFTP Files Access
  • Chat Support


  • Uptime not disclosed
  • No CDN
  • No SSL
  • Third-party Domain Configuration is hard.

EasyWP Turbo Plan

This managed WordPress hosting plan is one of the most popular and resourceful on the Namecheap platform.

In it, you will get all the features that were not in the EasyWP Starter Plan.

You will get this hosting plan for $7.88 per month with 200GB visitors per month with 50GB storage.


  • 50 GB [20+ GB More storage than other competitors]
  • Lower Price [Compared to other competitors]
  • Free SSL
  • Easy Backups
  • Other Pros in Stater Plan


  • Free CDN [Not Available Yet, Expected Soon]
  • Third-party Domain Configuration is hard
  • Uptime 99.99% [No Guaranteed]

EasyWP Supersonic

That is the ultimate plan of EasyWP Managed WordPress Hosting, in which you will get 2X more resources than the other two hosting plans.

In this plan, you will get 100GB of SSD storage and 500k visitors per month.

You will get this plan for a price of $11.88 per month, and if you pay annually, you will get a cost of $49.88 per year, which is a 50% discount.


  • 100GB SSD Storage
  • 500K monthly visitors
  • Easy Backups
  • Free SSL
  • 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed


  • Free CDN [Not Available Yet]
  • Third-party Domain Configuration is hard

EasyWP Plans Comparision





$22.88/yr [23% Off]

$44.88/yr [35% Off]

$49.88 [50% Off]















99.99% Guaranteed

Free Migration


EasyWP Cache

SFTP Access

Free CDN

✔ [Soon Available]

✔ [Soon Available]

Free SSL

*You can scale your domain uses by purchasing a new plan.
** In the EasyWP Turbo plan, uptime is 99.99% but not guaranteed.

EasyWP Performance

I have been using Namecheap’s EasyWP Turbo Managed Hosting Plan for the last one month. I have created some demo websites and was testing them only. I had more problems connecting my domain, although I did not contact Customer Care.

I performed the performance checks using speed checking tools like the popular GTMetrix, Google Pagespeed Insight, and Pingdom.

You can see the results of the three tools below, where I got an A grade in all speed test tools.


EasyWP GTMetrix Test Results

Google Pagespeed insight

EasyWP Pagespeed insight Test Results

Pingdom Tools

EasyWP Pingdom Test Results

Performance comparison with other providers

Fully Loaded Time

Time to First Byte [TTFB]

EasyWP [Turbo]

0.8 seconds

147 ms


0.8 seconds

396 ms

WP Engine

0.9 seconds

321 ms


1.0 seconds

338 ms


1.8 seconds

1000 ms

*All results tested on GTMetrix

EasyWP PROs and CONs

Namecheap’s EasyWP Managed WordPress Hosting is excellent in terms of pricing and resources, but there are some cons to it as well, which I will tell you in detail.



👍 Minimal Easy to use dashboard

👎 Free CDN [Only for Turbo & Supersonic]

👍 Low pricing

👎 Free SSL [Only for Turbo & Supersonic]

👍 Free Migrations

👎 Domain Configuration is hard*

👍 Server-side caching

👎 Limited Bandwidth

👍 24*7 Support

👎 No Uptime Guarantee**

*Third-party domain name configuration is challenging. It takes more time than usual.
**Uptime guarantee only given on EasyWP Supersonic.

WordPress installation on EasyWP

There are general steps you need to take to install WordPress on EasyWP. If you have purchased a plan for your EasyWP, you have to log in to the dashboard of EasyWP.

STEP – 1. Login to EasyWP dashboard

After purchasing the EasyWP plan from Namecheap, you can quickly login to the EasyWP dashboard from your Namecheap account.

Login to easywp

STEP – 2. Add your Website name

Now you have to fill in your website name or choose the website name suggested by EasyWP.

adding website name on easywp

STEP – 3. Choose domain name

Now you have to select the domain name. Here you get three options. The first is the free sub-domain provided by EasyWP, which you can change, the second is the domain name purchased from Namecheap, and the third is the domain name supplied by another provider.

choosing domain name on easywp

STEP – 4. Choose plugins

In this step, you will get the option to install plugins. If you skip it, it would be better.

choosing plugins on easywp

STEP – 5. Review details

It is the last step, where you have to review your configuration. If you want to make some changes, you can easily do in this step or even after the installation is complete.

reviews details on easywp

STEP – 6. Login to WordPress Dashboard

Once the WordPress install is complete, you can log in to your website with one click from the dashboard of EasyWP.

WordPress Admin login from easywp

In WordPress, you should know how to stop spam comments, here is the article on preventing spam comments.

Final Thoughts on EasyWP

Namecheap’s EasyWP managed WordPress hosting is excellent in terms of pricing and performance. There are some loopholes that you can ignore. EasyWP gave quite a good performance during my testing, but I never thought that would be so good.

I felt terrible that you can host a single website, no matter what plan you buy.

Overall, EasyWP’s hosting plans are beginner-friendly and significantly cheaper. If you are a beginner blogger or want to create a website on a managed WordPress hosting, I suggest that you try using EasyWP of Namecheap.

FAQs About EasyWP

What is EasyWP?

EasyWP is a brand of Namecheap, known for providing managed WordPress hosting. This managed WordPress hosting is very cheap and well-performing.

How do I access cPanel on Namecheap?

To access cPanel, you have first to buy a web hosting plan from Namecheap. After that, you can log in to cPanel by going to Namecheap’s dashboard.

How do I point the domain name to EasyWP?

Pointing the domain name into EasyWP is easy, giving you three options EasyWP, first a free sub-domain, the second a domain purchased from Namecheap, and a third-party domain. You must add a CNAME record to point to the third-party domain EasyWP by going to your DNS management.

How do I get a refund from Namecheap?

Namecheap offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with all types of web hosting. For the refund, all you have to do is contact Chat Support, and you can also email.


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